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38 Years of Travelling around the World

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 The great passion for travelling, exploring the world, discovering foreign cultures and foreigne people – this is the legacy of my father, who died far too early ...

Whether I'm at home in Munich or in the most remote corners of our planet: talking to interesting characters, getting to know their stories, responding to them and spending time with them... this is the path on which I walk through life! 

Laos 2022

The small country Laos presents itself very big on this tour through tropical landscapes, original villages and magnificent Buddhist temples. 

Is the country still slumbering or is modernity approaching in big steps? We discover the mysterious magic of Laos by land, sea and on foot. The path leads over steep mountain roads, to the cult sites of the Khmer, to the enchanting Luang Prabang, to the mystical plain of the "Tonkrüge" and to the 4000 islands in the Mekong. The ravishingly friendly people contribute just as much to the exhilarating holiday feeling as the relaxed atmosphere on the large river, which moves sovereignly.

2019 - Cuba from West to East

Columbus was fascinated by the Caribbean island, and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt was also a great fan of Cuba. 
What happened to the dream of "Cuba libre"?    In the footsteps of the revolutionaries, it goes across the island from west to east – accompanied by Cuban rhythms...

2017 - Al Andalus

Moorish palaces full of grace and churches where gold and silver glitter. 
Oriental gardens that are permeated by the scent of jasmine and white villages that stick to rocks. Endless olive groves, wide sandy beaches and with Seville, Córdoba and Granada the three city pearls par excellence from Al-Andalus...

2015 - Vietnam

Along the lifeline of Southeast Asia ...
Between the legendary Halong Bay, where we spend the night on a junk, and the boat trip through the vibrant Mekong Delta, we discover the worldly Cloud Pass. 
We experience the magic of past centuries in the imperial city of Hue and in the jungle temples of Angkor and in Phnom Penh deeply inspiring dances.

2015 - Canada's East Coast

Whale watching in the St. Lawrence River, small hikes in nature parks or a jaunt at Niagara Falls - in autumn, the Indian Summer also unfolds its enormous splendour of colour when maple, oak and aspen shine in all shades of red. 
We encounter the culture of the indigenous peoples, the First Nations, and experience a casual multicultural scene in Eastern Canada's metropolises – sometimes shaped by the British lifestyle, sometimes by the French savoir-vivre.

2014 - Jordan

The fertile Jordan Valley and the desert gorges, the capital Amman and the rock city of Petra – Jordan are characterized by contrasts and millennia of cultural diversity. 
From the ancient sites in Amman and Gerasa, the Royal Road takes us to Petra. The trip leads through the Wadi Ram and the Grand Canyon of Jordan, we visit the upcoming metropolis of Amman as well as ruined cities and commute between dead sea and desert wilderness.

2014 Kenia

Beyond Africa – what is cliché, what is reality? We see the beauty of undefeated landscapes in wildlife parks and nature reserves, untamed big cats, gentle giraffes, zebras in white and black, flamingos in pink, elephants in gray...
We experience a world in a difficult balancing act between traditions and contemporary nature conservation and discover Kenya's greatest treasure: its people, not just the Massais.

2013 - Tansania

Endless sky over the savannah, herds of antelopes, lions in the cool shade of a tree, on the horizon of the Ngorongoro craters. 
It is often called Noah's Ark. 
The natural wonders of Tansansia will make you feel why - on safari in the Serengeti and on the Tarangire River with views of herds of elephants and crocodiles. We experience the lively everyday life of Tanzania and meet people working on land, on a coffee plantation and in the Usambara Mountains. 

2012 - Canada's West Coast

We follow the call of the wilderness and travel through Western Canada. Nature boasts countless rushing rivers, silent lakes, impenetrable forests and the never-ending horizon of the prairie. We hike in the majestic Rocky Mountains and cross the lonely fjords of the Inside Passage by boat. 
The cities, which are young for us Europeans, seem to be a playground for modern architects and designers. Deeply touches the culture and way of life of the indigenous inhabitants.

2011 - The East of Turkey

Eastern Turkey is a wild and mostly rural region with a colorful history and rich cultural heritage. The region is home to some of Turkey's most spectacular natural and cultural monuments, as well as some of the friendliest and most hospitable people a visitor will ever meet.  
Eastern Turkey also boasts some of the country's most beautiful scenery with its impressive snow-capped mountains, huge lakes, rivers and vast wildflower fields. 

2011 - Simbabwe

 Zimbabwe - translated "stone houses" in the language of the Shona - is the former British crown colony of Southern Rhodesia. The name Zimbabwe goes back to the ruins now called Great Zimbabwe, the largest pre-colonial stone buildings in southern Africa.
Zimbabwe has much more to offer than the famous Victoria Falls and can boast national parks that have a unique landscape and an unexpectedly large abundance of animals. The largest and most animal-rich of all Zimbabwe national parks, the Hwange NP, is particularly known for its variety of elephants. 

2011 - Botswana

Today, Botswana lives on diamonds – so you can afford to put a large part of the country under conservation. 
Those who are willing to give up comfort will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions: from the water wilderness on the Okavango, the antelopes, zebras and buffaloes in the Moremi Reserve, the elephant herds on the Chobe and the Victoria Falls. Only with off-road vehicles it is possible to experience the landscapes in their originality - on dusty and sandy slopes. 

2010 - Oman

Oman is an oasis of security between tradition and modernity. The philanthropic policies of Sultan Qaboos, who died in 2020, are continued by his successor.  
We experience adventure feeling in the jeep, palm-rich wadis, long sandy beaches, forts made of clay, the magnificent buildings of the father of the country and the ancient incense trees of Dhofar. 
The majestic Jebel Shems and the Wahiba Sands spoil you with a spectacular sunset.

2010 - Namibia

Silently, the animals come to the waterhole, their feet sink deep into the warm sand of the dunes, the wind blows coolly from the Atlantic and the sun burns relentlessly in the bush. 
We discover the vastness of the Namib, meet a winemaker on the edge of the desert and drink beer brewed according to the German Purity Law - only one legacy of the German colonial era in addition to architecture and language. Contrasts of an African country that only Namibia offers. We will experience the highlights between Swakopmund and Etosha Park, where we will also get a brief insight into the life of the San.

2009 - Südafrika

At the end of the world lies the beginning of happiness! 
From Cap town we admire the famous "tablecloth" above Table Mountain, spot rainforest giants on the garden route and spend the night on an ostrich farm. 
We feel the forces of nature at the Cape of Good Hope and meet the Big Five on our safari through the savanna of the Kruger Park. 
In Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria we meet most diverse people who lead the rainbow country full of optimism into the future. 

2008 - Aserbaidschan

A triple jump through the border triangle in the Caucasus: On this trip we discover Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Three cultures, three languages, three scripts. And yet they have many things in common: their Soviet past and their eventful history, natural beauties, cultural treasures – and a heartwarming hospitality. 

2008 - Georgien

A triple jump through the border triangle in the Caucasus: On this trip we discover Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Three cultures, three languages, three scripts. And yet they have many things in common: their Soviet past and their eventful history, natural beauties, cultural treasures – and a heartwarming hospitality. 

2008 - Armenien

A triple jump through the border triangle in the Caucasus: On this trip we discover Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Three cultures, three languages, three scripts. And yet they have many things in common: their Soviet past and their eventful history, natural beauties, cultural treasures – and a heartwarming hospitality. 

2007 - Kasachstan


2007 - China (Xinjiang)


2007 - Kirgisien


2006 - Uzbekistan

Only tough guys once ventured onto the Silk Road. Today we travel less adventurously in the footsteps of the old caravan routes through Uzbekistan - instead of camels we take the bus, the train or even the jeep. 
In magnificent sanctuaries we revel in the past, we enjoy the idyll between alpine meadows and four-thousanders and in oasis cities with colorful bazaars we merge with the oriental everyday life of today. 
On today's Silk Road, the balancing act between ancient tradition, socialism and modernity succeeds!

2005 - Indien (Sikkim & Kalkutta)


2005 - Bhutan

Monk's song blows from monastic castles enthroned in the midst of mystical landscapes, believers tirelessly turn prayer wheels, and at the monastery festival in Paro dancers transform into divine beings – the spirituality in the small Himalayan state between China and India is deeply rooted. 
It is part of the "Gross National Happiness" - the motto in the land of the Thunder Dragon. It is not economic growth that is the measure of all things, but people's satisfaction. Preserving culture is as important as living in harmony with nature.

2003 - Japan

One country, two souls: 
futuristic architecture next to Shinto shrines, robots next to ryokans – Japan maintains its tradition with the same dedication with which it precedes its time. 
In temples, monasteries and gardens we immerse ourselves in the soul world of Japan. 
In Tokyo, we let ourselves be carried away by the pulse of the boomtown. 
Between mountain and coastal landscapes, as filigree as drawn with ink pencil, monks open up the barren path to happiness: patience, respect ... and jade green tea powder.

2002 - Birma

Buddhas and people smile, the pagodas glitter golden, and the small wonders of everyday life enchant every visitor. 
In Myanmar we still encounter the original Asia and a heartwarming hospitality. And between the temple world of Bagan, the ancient royal city of Mandalay, the sublime Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and Inle Lake, which gently hides between the Shan Mountains, there is much to discover. 
The southern point of our journey takes us to the Golden Rock.

2000 - Ladakh & Zanskar


1999 - Iran

A journey for all the senses through thriving cities such as Shiraz, oriental fairy tales such as Isfahan, the multitude of archaeological finds: enigmatic cuneiform tablets, power-bursting rock tombs, the imposing ruins of the royal city of Persepolis. 
With the necessary respect, we study the different worldviews of the multi-ethnic state, we experience lively bazaars, mirror-glazed skyscrapers and Iranian women who wear their headscarves as a trendy accessory. 
A selfie with the guest from the West: Welcome, how are you? The cosmopolitanism of the Iranians amazes us ...

1998 - Transsibirische Eisenbahn

The Trans-Siberian Railway, called Transsib for short, is the main transport axis of Asian Russia and with 9288 km the longest railway line in the world. On the entire route from the capital Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific, 400 railway stations will be passed; the journey takes about 174 hours (seven days). The landscape is mainly characterized by taiga. In the Urals at kilometer 1777, an obelisk south of the tracks marks the border between Europe and Asia. 
However, we take the southern route from Lake Baikal. From the Trans-Siberian Railway branches lines to Central Asia, the Trans-Mongolian Railway from Ulan-Ude to Mongolia and to Beijing in the People's Republic of China. 

1997 - Kolumbien

Legendary gold treasures, buccaneers, tropical nature and stone demons: as in the novels of Gabriel García Márquez, legends, fantasy and reality have entered into a unique connection in Colombia, which provides magical moments on this journey - in a cathedral made of salt, between coffee bushes or at flower markets. 
We encounter enigmatic testimonies of ancient culture and let ourselves be carried away by the "joie de vivre" of the Colombians.

1997 - Ecuador

Of course, we also visit Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which is located in the Andean highlands (Sierra) at 2850 m. The country is named after the equatorial line that runs through the northern part of the national territory. 
Ecuador is home to very diverse populations, but it is difficult to specify their size. As in the other Andean countries, the proportion of the indigenous population is very high. On the one hand, this can be explained by the dense settlement by indigenous populations under the rule of the Incas. On the other hand, only Spaniards immigrated to Ecuador, but hardly any other Europeans – unlike Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil or Chile.

1997 - Peru

Along with Bolivia and Guatemala, Peru is one of the three countries in Latin America with a large proportion of indigenous populations.
In the rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon live some isolated peoples. They include (presumably) 5000 people who are divided into 12 non-sedentary ethnic groups. In addition, another 1500 who are already in contact with Peruvian civil society.  
In Ucayali special protection areas have been created for them, those of the Murunahua, Mascho Piro and Isconahua.
As tourists, we visit a village in the Amazon region with very heterogeneous feelings ...

1997 - Boliviern


1997 - Paraguay


1997 - Brasilien


1996 - Tibet

The mountains are called Shishapangma, Cho Oyu or Lhotse: names with mythical sound that have always attracted adventurers. 
On our journey we cross the realm of the eight-thousanders from Tibet to Nepal. And discover the culture of the Himalayas and the Transhimalaya. We make pilgrimages with pilgrims and monks from monastery to monastery, hang fluttering prayer flags in the wind, watch mountaineers on the way to Mount Everest! The roof of the world is a viewing terrace and panorama in one! 
And the experience of yesteryear can no longer be repeated

1996 - Nepal

On the roof of the world – the longing destination of all summiteers – great Himalayan cinema is waiting for us. 
Mount Everest, Annapurna & Co. are magnificent backdrops for the royal cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, where deep religiosity still characterizes everyday life today. 
By candlelight in front of venerable Hindu temples, circling a Buddhist stupa together or having tea with a monk in a Tibetan monastery, we immerse ourselves in Nepal's spiritual worlds. 
On scenic hikes we also encounter the village life ...

1991 & 1995 - Thailand


1992 - Indien (Rajasthan)


1991 - China


1990 - Mexiko


1989 - Indonesien


1988 - Marokko


1987 - Westküste der USA


1986 - Andalusien


1985 - West-Türkei

1979 - USA (New York)